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The Multi-touch Display of the Future scans Documents and Fingerprints

Scanning DisplayThe display we suggest will revolutionize the handheld devices and the use of computers, offering many features missing on the currently available displays on the market:

  • Direct document scanning
  • Optical high-resolution multi-touch-screen ability
  • Biometric fingerprint scan
  • No fragile glass needed
  • Color calibrated scanning
  • Individual auto calibration avoids aging of OLEDs
  • Direct high security communication
  • Health check
  • Technologies used are available today
  • Cheaper mass production

The features have a huge impact on the usability of devices with displays. A short description of each one will spark ideas of possibilities and benefits. More...

NAOSDakty electronics

Dakty is a German company specialized on biometric sensors and systems. The core competence of the company consists in a special type of fingerprint sensors that have huge advantages over all existing ones worldwide. Another core competence is that the company develops electronics in different domains especially security devices for partner companies.

Dakty’s biometric sensors use a worldwide unique patented technology. It allows scanning documents on the same surface as fingerprints.

An important feature of the sensor surface is its high sturdiness, the highest in the family of optical sensors. More ...

A Four Finger Scanner, which also scans travel documents like Passports

DAKTY-4 PASSUsing the NAOS technology we developed the first color finger print scanner and passport scanner DAKTY-4 PASS. This means comprehensive identification and security in just one device. Another feature: the DAKTY-4 PASS has an extreme robust fiber optic technology, which prevents the sensor surface from going blind. Similar to its smaller brother DAKTY-4 HD, DAKTY-4 PASS is equipped with a large scale sensor surface made of fiber-optic glass. More ...

Security means closer look: the high-resolution 2000 ppi two finger multispectral color scanner

DAKTY-2HD_130For a better analysis of the fingerprints we have developed a 2000 ppi (pixel per inch) scanner, that scans two fingers multi-spectral and in color. As usual by the NAOS technology, the fingerprint scanner is also able to scan behind its surface. This allows acquiring detailed vital data from the scanned finger. Additionally the scanner is an extremely high-resolution document scanner that can analyze particular areas of a document in different spectral ranges for example. More ...

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